Welcome to Hotel Nuuksio!


  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 9:30
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 10:00
  • Breakfast is served in Nuuksion Tupa, next to the reception.

Special coffees are available for breakfast guests at the reception for €1.50 per cup.


  • Use of the gym is included in the accommodation price. Please request the key from the reception.
  • When using the fitness center, consider other guests. Keep the area tidy and dispose of trash properly.
  • The fitness center has changing rooms and shower facilities. Grab a towel from your room and spend a refreshing gym session!


  • Saunas are heated upon request, subject to availability.
  • We aim to offer sauna slots in the evenings, but morning sessions are also possible based on reservations.


  • Dinner is served at Nuuksion Tupa by advance reservation.
  • Dinner service depends on the number of reservations. There is no dinner service for private events at Nuuksion Tupa.

Lobby Bar

  • The lobby bar offers light snacks and drinks during opening hours. Enjoy small savory bites and specialty coffees from the lobby bar menu.
  • Alcohol service begins at 9:00 AM.


  • Check-out is no later than 12:00 PM.
  • Please ensure you take all personal belongings and property from the room. For items that need to be mailed separately, a minimum office fee of €20 will apply.

Lean-to shelter and Firewood

  • You can purchase firewood for the lean-to shelter from our reception. The lean-to shelter is available by advance reservation.
  • Firewood bag: €15. Please note that during forest fire warnings, we do not sell firewood.

Kota (Traditional Finnish Hut)

  • Inquire about renting the kota at our reception. The kota can be reserved when there are no advance bookings. Catering and beverages can be arranged in advance through our reception.

Outdoor Games and Equipment Rental

  • You can pick up outdoor games and equipment from our reception. Bicycle and rowboat reservations are also available at the reception.

Enjoy your stay at Hotel Nuuksio! ����

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